* Origination of various Christian groups:

Can you find when your group appeared in Church History?tree_of_church_history

** Timeline 800 BC – 0 AD:

Old Testament & Septuagint Translation

Timeline 800 BC-0 AD

** Timeline 0-100 AD:

New Testament & Apostolic Fathers

Timeline 0-100 AD

** Timeline 100-500 AD:

Early Church Fathers, 1st centuries of legalized Christian Church, & Ecumenical Councils

Timeline 100-500 AD

** Timeline 500-1000 AD:

Ecumenical Councils continue to combat various heresies

Russia accepts Eastern Orthodoxy

Great Schism results in Greek East vs. Latin West

Timeline 500-1200 AD

** Timeline 1000-1500 AD:

Orthodox Army in Constantinople destroyed by Roman Catholic Army in 4th Cruscade

Moslems take control of Greek Orthodox Eastern Empire

Timeline 1000-1500 AD

** Timeline 1500-2000 AD

Greek Orthodox East continues under Ottoman Moslem rule

Communism takes over Russia & Orthodox Church undergoes persecution

Roman Catholic West undergoes Protestant Reformation

Puritans take Protestantism to America

Protestantism rapidly expands as European monarchies fall

2002-2012 AD over 28,000 Protestant denominations grow to over 38,000 world-wide

Timeline 1500-2000 AD

* Graphic taken from US News & World Report, 4 March 1991

**Timeline graphics taken from the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary, © 2003 by Holman Bible Publishers, Nashville, Tennessee



  1. Wow! These are excellent visual aids most definitely worthy of bookmarking and sharing!

    (On a side note: I noticed on Fr. Stephen’s blog that your husband is a barrel racer. We are heavily involved in the sport, as well! Go figure!! ha!)

    1. Hi Susi,
      Welcome to the blog 🙂 I set these timelines up to go along with a series of articles on Grace I am working on. I’m currently in the middle of a 3-wk summer class which time-wise is curtailing any blogging…well, most blogging anyway 😉

      Most people are unaware of history & its influence on our modern times. Most are unaware that the Church also has a history; & a history other than 0-300 AD (until Sts. Athanasius & Augustine) & 1500 AD until the present day (from Luther on). Those missing 1100-1200 years involve a lot of background to modern theological thought & understanding.

      Enjoy & see you in a couple of weeks when my classwork is done 🙂

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