Prayers asked for Fr. Stephen Freeman

Fr. Stephen Freeman is an Orthodox priest at St. Ann’s Orthodox Church in TN. He hosts the very popular blog Glory to God for All Things & authored Everywhere Present: Christianity in a One-Storey Universe.


Yesterday Fr. Stephen suffered a mild heart attack. His prognosis is good although he is still hospitalized at this time. I ask for prayers on behalf of one who has been touched so many lives with the love of God, including my own.


  1. My name is Chuck Landguth and I was touched by Father Freeman during the time that both of us attended St Stephens in Oak Ridge. I would very much like to contact him, to wish him well and to attempt to minister to him as he did to me so many years ago when I was in a similar condition and he was there for me at every turn

  2. Hello, Chuck;

    I like hearing how Fr. Stephen has touched lives. I know that he has mine through his blog. I do occasionally email with Fr. Stephen, but I do not feel comfortable giving out his email address without his express permission. I do apologize & ask for your understanding of this.

    However, go to his blog Post a comment introducing yourself & the reason for your desire to contact him. This is how I got his email when I had an issue. Thanks for visiting my blog & please come back 🙂

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