The Song of Salvation (2)

icon extreme humilityThe twelve Passion Gospel readings are shown below (without text) along with the associated hymns from the Church.

1)      John 13:31-18:1

Antiphon One:

The rulers of the people took counsel together against the Lord & against His Anointed. They laid a lawless accusation against Me. O Lord, Lord, forsake Me not.

Let us bring to Christ pure senses & affections, & as His friends let us sacrifice our lives for His sake. Let us not, as Judas, joke ourselves with the cares of this life, but in the inner chambers of our hearts let us cry: Our Father who art in heaven, deliver us from the evil one.

Antiphon Two:

Judas ran to the lawless scribes & said: ‘What will you give me, & I shall deliver Him to you?’ And while they conspired together, Thou against whom they were conspiring, wast Thyself standing invisibly in their midst. O Thou who knowest the hearts of men, spare our souls.

In loving compassion let us minister to God, as Mary at supper; & let us not as Judas acquire love of money, that we may ever abide with Christ our God.

Antiphon Three:

Because of the raising of Lazarus, the children of the Hebrews cried Hosanna unto Thee, O Lord who lovest mankind; but Judas the transgressor had no wish to understand.

At Thy Supper, O Christ our God, Thou hast foretold to Thy disciples: ‘One of you shall betray me.’ But Judas the transgressor had no wish to understand.

When John asked Thee, O Lord, ‘Who is he that shall betray Thee?’ Thou hast shown him through the giving of the bread. But Judas the transgressor had no wish to understand.

With thirty pieces of silver, O Lord, & with a false kiss, the Jews sought to kill Thee. But Judas the transgressor had no wish to understand.

During the washing of the feet, O Christ or God, Thou hast commanded Thy disciples, ‘Do as you have seen Me do.” But Judas the transgressor had no wish to understand.

‘Watch & pray, that ye enter not into temptation”, Thou, our God, hast said to Thy disciples. But Judas the transgressor had no wish to understand.

Sessional Hymn:

As Thou gavest food to the disciples at the Supper, knowing the plot for Thy betrayal, Thou hast accused Judas of it. Thou hast understood that he would not come to repentance, yet hast Thou desired to show to all that Thou wast betrayed of Thine own will, to save the world from the enemy.

2)      John 18:1-29 icon mystical supper

Antiphon Four:

Tone Five: Today Judas forsakes the Master & accepts the devil: he is blinded by the passions of avarice & darkened he falls from the Light. For how could he see, who sold the Light for thirty pieces of silver? But He who suffered for the world has shone upon us as the dawn. To Him let us cry: O Thou who sufferest with men & for their sakes, glory to Thee.

Today Judas makes a pretense of godliness & becomes a stranger to the gift of grace: though a disciple, he turns traitor, & under a guise of friendship he conceals deceit. In his foolishness he prefers thirty pieces of silver to the Master’s love, & acts as guide to the lawless Sanhedrin. But we have Christ is our salvation: let us glorify Him.

Tone One: As brethren in Christ, let us acquire brotherly love; & let us not be lacking in compassion for our neighbor, lest for money’s sake we would be condemned like the unmerciful servant, & repent like Judas to no purpose.

Antiphon Five:

The disciple agreed upon the price of the Master, & for thirty pieces of silver he sold the Lord; & with the deceitful kiss he betrayed Him to the transgressors to be put to death.

Today the Creator of heaven & earth said to His disciples: ‘The hour is at hand, & Judas who betrays Me has drawn near. Let none of you deny Me when you see Me on the cross between two thieves. Press man I suffer, but his lover of mankind to save those who believe in Me.’

Antiphon Six:  

Today Judas watches how he may deliver up the Lord, the pre-eternal Savior of the world, who with five loaves satisfied the multitude. Today the transgressor denies his Teacher; though a disciple he betrays the Master. He sells for money the Lord who fed His people with manna in the wilderness.

Today the Jews nailed to the Cross the Lord who divided the sea with a rod & led them through the wilderness. Today they pierced with a lance the sight of Him who for their sakes smote Egypt with plagues. They gave Him gall to drink, who rained down manna on them for food.

O Lord, as Thou camest to Thy voluntary passion, Thou hast cried aloud to Thy disciples: ‘If ye cannot even watch with Me one hour, why then did you promised to die for my sake? See how Judas sleeps not, but makes haste to deliver Me to the transgressors? Awake, rise & pray, & let no one deny Me when he sees Me on the Cross.’ O long-suffering Lord, glory to Thee.

Sessional Hymn:

What reason led thee, Judas, to betray the Savior? Did He expel thee from the company of the apostles? Did He deprived thee of the gift of healing? When thou wast at supper with the others, did He drive thee from the table? When He wash the others feet, did He pass thee by? How many are the blessings that thou hast forgotten! Thou art condemned for thine ingratitude, but His measureless long-suffering & great mercy are proclaimed to all.

3)      Mattheicon crucifixionw 26:57-75

Antiphon Seven: Suffering the transgressors to lay hold on The, O Lord, Thou hast cried aloud; ‘Although ye smite the Shepherd & scatter abroad the twelve sheep, My disciples, yet could I call to Mine aid more than twelve legions of angels. But in My patience I forbear, that the hidden secrets I made known to you through My prophets may be fulfilled.’ O Lord, glory to Thee.

Peter denied Thee three times, & straightway he understood Thy words; but he offered Thee tears of repentance. O God, be merciful to me & save me.

Antiphon Eight: O ye transgressors, tell us what ye heard from our Savior? Did He not expound the law & the teaching of the prophets? How then have ye taken counsel to deliver up to Pilate Him who is God the Word that came from God, & the Deliverer of our souls?

‘Let Him be crucified!’ they cried, though they had always taken pleasure in Thy gifts of grace; & the murderers of the righteous asked for the release of an evildoer in place of their Benefactor. But Thou, O Christ, wast silent & hast endured their impudence, wishing to suffer & to save us in Thy love for mankind.

Antiphon Nine: They took the thirty pieces of silver, the price of Him that was valued, on whom the children of Israel had set a price. Watch & pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. Therefore watch!

They gave Me gall to eat, & in My thirst they gave Me vinegar to drink. But do Thou raise Me up, O Lord, & I shall grant them their reward.

Sessional Hymn: O how could Judas, who was once My disciple, plot to betray Thee! In his treachery & wickedness he ate with Thee at the supper, & then he went to the priest & said: ‘What will you give me, & I will deliver to you Him who set the Law at naught & defiled the Sabbath? O long-suffering Lord, glory to Thee.

4)      John 18:28–19:16

Antiphon Ten: He who clothes Himself in light is in a garment, stood naked at the judgment; on His cheek He received blows from the hands of which He had formed. The lawless people nailed to the Cross the Lord of Glory. Then the veil of the temple was rent in twain & the sun was darkened, for it could not bear to see such outrage done to God, before whom all things tremble. Let us worship Him.

Antiphon Eleven: In return for the blessings which Thou has granted, O Christ, to the people of the Hebrews, they condemned Thee to be crucified, giving Thee vinegar & gall to drink. But render unto them, O Lord, according to their works, for they have not understood Thy loving self-abasement.

The people of the Hebrews were not satisfied with Thy betrayal, O Christ, but they wag their heads, & reviled & mocked Thee. But render unto them, O Lord, according to their works, for they have devised vain things against Thee.

Neither the quaking of the earth, or the splitting of the rocks, for the rending of the veil of the temple, nor the resurrection of the dead persuaded the Jews. But render unto them, O Lord, according to their works, for they have devised vain things against Thee.

Antiphon Twelve: Thus says the Lord to the Jews: ‘O My people, what have I done unto thee? Or wherein have I wearied thee? I gave light to thy blind & cleansed the lepers, I raised up the man who lay down upon his bed. Oh My people, what have I done unto thee, & how hast thou repaid Me? Instead of manna thou hast given Me gall, instead of water vinegar; instead of loving Me, thou hast nailed Me to the Cross. I can endure no more. I shall call My Gentiles & they shall glorify Me with the Father & the Spirit; & I shall bestow on them in eternal life.’

Today the veil of the temple is rent in twain, as a reproof against the transgressors; & the sun hides its own rays, seeing the Master crucified.

O lawgivers of Israel, ye Jews & Pharisees, the company of the apostles cries aloud to you: Behold the Temple that ye have destroyed; behold the Lamb that ye have crucified. Ye gave Him over to the tomb, but by His own power He has risen again. Be not deceived, ye Jews: for this is He who saved you in the sea & fed you in the wilderness. He is the Life & Light & Peace of the world.

Sessional Hymn: When Thou the Judge, O God, wast standing before Caiaphas & wast delivered unto Pilate, then the powers of heaven quaked with fear. Thou wast raised upon the Cross between two thieves, & though sinless Thou wast numbered with transgressors, for the salvation of mankind. O long-suffering Lord, glory to Thee.icon shroud


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