“Be” The Church; Introduction:

“Serving in a parish deep in the heartland of American Protestantism, where Orthodoxy is a very meagre & rare presence, I often tell my parishioners that our first task as a parish is to actually “be” an Orthodox Church–so that, when someone comes looking for the Orthodox Church, they’ll actually be able to find it. To “be” the Church is the whole of our salvation.” Fr. Stephen Freeman, Glory to God For All Things, http://fatherstephen.wordpress.com/

This will be a multiple part blog due to its length & depth regarding this quote from another blogsite, which I highly recommend. I do want to remind readers that I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian & I write from the perspective of that Tradition. This is especially true of the blogs with the title of “Be The Church”. Any mentioning of the Western religious traditions (Roman Catholicism & Protestantism) anywhere on this blogsite are not intended to be derogatory in nature nor are they meant to offend anyone from those traditions. The Eastern Orthodox Tradition has a totally different mindset from the Western traditions & it would be impossible to differentiate the East & West without using certain words. I apologize in advance for any offense that may occur.


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  1. Thank you, Fr. Stephen for allowing me to expound upon your work 🙂

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